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Working with the Home Office we have secured seed supply from Hemp-It, a French cooperative and one of Europe’s best sources for high grade industrial hemp seed. The specific strain that we have chosen highlights the quality of the stalk and its potential for fibre and shiv, with seeds a dual crop option that we will look to bring to market. The attraction of hemp for us a small farming initiative is the multitude of uses, already we know that we have hundreds, if not thousands, of uses for this crop, much more than traditional considerations of grass for silage or routine root vegetable rotations.

An interesting development is our partnering with Master Garden Nutrients ( to look at how their Silic Boost affects the quality and quantity of growth amongst the crop. Working with the team at MGN gives a chance to help them see how their product works on a niche crop and in very specific soil (our soil is clay heavy). Although one of the most abundant elements in soil, most Silicon is not available to plants for a number of reasons. Silic Boost makes plants less susceptible to the stresses of low Silicon levels and abiotic stressed like heat and drought. It also makes plants more resilient to poor nutrient uptake and boosts their overall strength. We look forward to working with MGN to see how the product affects industrial Hemp when grown in clay soil in Wales.

With the addition of Silic Boost to a section of the crop we will also be testing the affect of wind, impacts on photo-efficiency versus growth, and variances in stalk thickness depending on dosage. Exciting times ahead for a small farming initiative based in the Brecon Beacons for sure.

We are excited to plant in May, a key takeaway from our sourcing is the truly international focus of this crop and the industry. By leveraging these relationships and reaching out to key partners we aim to bring the best quality hemp to market.

We sow in May and harvest in September, join us in our quest


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