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The Long Road

Starting a hemp business hasn’t been the easiest, nor has it been the hardest. What has taken the most time has been researching the right crop to use on the land, given our size. Once hemp was decided upon, we then needed to ascertain the right type of seed against our soil type, this took a while as did forecasting what we were looking to achieve from our crop. It might seem like an easy task but the process has taken months of long hours of research, numerous conversations with members of the industry across the globe, and visits to various trade shows.

Where we currently find ourselves is at the start of a dual focused approach to agribusiness. The world is a changing place and we are in a perfect position to attack the ills with the positives at our disposal. How so? Well, hemp offers the average farmer or smallholder a route forward where Government initiatives don’t currently stretch. Hemp also gives us a chance to pursue financial and agricultural independence from traditional farming methods that are inherited, enforced or entrusted upon us. The pursuit of something different needn’t be scary or complicated, the mitigation comes from the research and analysis needed to ensure the best chances of success given the lack of Government backing.

Our first approach to our agribusiness is diversification. Onto the next...

The second approach is the offering of carbon credits to help others pursue positive change in the world. It may seem a little obtuse, or you may be skeptical to the benefits of carbon offsetting, however, the reality is that many of us are not in a position to alter the way we live currently. Plastic is too common, meat is too cheap, and non-fossil fuel transportation is either out of reach financially to many or indeed it still relies on dirty electric to charge when needed. The list goes on. Carbon offsetting offers people a chance to right wrongs that they feel may be unavoidable currently. The key output from all of this is changing mindsets and raising awareness. The simple fact also remains in that Hemp will torch your car’s annual CO2 emissions in a single growing season which is many, many times faster than planting trees. Hemp is key to the change we need to make as a society.

We sow our crop in May and harvest this September. If you are interested in learning more about our operation or indeed you want to offset or contribute to our activities then you can reach us at

Join us in our quest.


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