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So it begins

The field was sown a short while ago, amidst the warmest and dryest May on record. That said, our confidence in the rich clay based soil of the Brecon Beacons has been rewarded with initial germination occurring in the fields.

The ploughing and power harrowing left a very fine seed bed, once sown the seeds were rolled to ensure the required soil contact needed for good germination. Outside of this, nothing else has been added to the main crops. Our fields have not been ploughed for years so it will be exciting to see the impact on the soil structure, there is already a lot of literature around the regenerative benefits of hemp so we will see how much of an impact it makes.

A feel good factor of all of this is knowing that right away we are helping to sequestrate CO2 from the atmosphere. A patch around the size of a quarter of an acre will hoover in the same amount of CO2 in just 90-120 days that the average car produces in a year. Incredible.

We are not forecasted rain for a week or so, once that comes we will update with (hopefully) the growth spurt.

Join us in our quest.


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