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Agricultural Bill

We have a chance to make a significant improvement in how agriculture is planned, resourced and funded in the UK. With the UK moving into a post-BREXIT / post-COVID19 land, farming methodology and provenance of product is going to become even more important to consumer; hemp and the many benefits that come with the plant has a potentially critical role to play in how things pan out in the future. The creation of much needed jobs, diversification for farmers and the multitude of industrial processing and manufacturing opportunities mean that where we are at now is a critical point in the future of Hemp in the UK.

Looking at the activity in London this week and the efforts to address the much-needed adjustments to the Agricultural Bill that impact Hemp specifically, we support the British Hemp Association’s aspirations below:

The British Hemp Alliance (BHA) is calling for a new Hemp Farm Bill, akin to the US Hemp Farm Bill, or a descheduling of Hemp from the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, to remove all barriers to growth for this lucrative crop.

Such a bill would:

  • Remove hemp from all regulation as a controlled substance

  • Permit the use of the whole plant for all farming applications, as long as those portions of the plant remain below the THC threshold.

  • Increase the permitted level of THC from 0.2% to 0.3% which reflects current international norms & is vital to maintaining seed biodiversity

  • Allow local authorities to oversee hemp growth and cultivation.

  • Support British Farmers by enabling Hemp to become a ‘Public Good.’

As a movement we support the BHA’s aspirations and endorse the adjustments proposed.

Hemp has the power to do so much good in the world, now is the time to grasp the opportunity and get growing with the option to fully exploit every aspect of this amazing plant.


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