Why Hemp?

BRECON HEMP exists to grow the highest quality low-to-no-THC Industrial Hemp, under a Home Office licence.

Hemp begins sequestering carbon the moment it is seeded; the actual sequestration ratio of hemp is about 1.5 units of sequestration per unit produced. In Layman’s terms, one ton of harvested hemp fiber should sequester 1.62 tons of CO2. This is done within the four month growing cycle, and most importantly, is far faster and more efficient than planting trees.

What this boils down to is the simple fact that hemp plays a critical role in our fight against climate change.

Enabling those that want to offset their carbon footprint, for whatever reason, is our way of helping more people to do more good. 

We seed this year's crop in May 2020, join us in our quest.

Image by Matteo Paganelli
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